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Fastest Way to Level Your Cleric

Fastest Way to Level Your Cleric

Postby dammiisoldi » Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:35 am

I've chosen the Cleric class in Aion: Tower of Eternity because basically every group needs healers, so it would be easier for me to get invites for raids or PvP. I forgot to take one aspect into equation when I started with this class, though. It doesn't have extremely powerful combat spells. And since leveling in Aion is not that easy, I had quite some difficulties to get from level to level.

Here are some tips I've learned:

1. Just as in other MMOs, questing is a good method of leveling. But if you don't know the quests closely, you usually lose a lot of time wandering for your objectives.

2. Each level has its share of grinding, especially after you hit level 35.

3. Since the Cleric has powerful healing spells you don't need to worry about dying too much. So, for questing focus on improving your damaging spells.

4. Don't hesitate to group up with other players when solving harder quests. A Cleric-Gladiator make a powerful combo for example.

5. Last but not least, flight is very important in this game, knowing when and how to fly in various combat situation will certainly improve your XP rate.

I hope that my tips helped you at least a little if you're struggling with the leveling of your Cleric, within the fantasy universe of Atreia. Are you discovering the fascinating game of Aion? Be sure to check out my recommended guides below:

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