Realistic Expectations For Learning Piano As an Adult

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Realistic Expectations For Learning Piano As an Adult

Postby dammiisoldi » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:39 pm

Realistic Expectations For Learning Piano As an Adult

Deciding to learn piano as an adult is an impressive goal, and one of the most common questions is how long it will take. This really depends on multiple factors, but it's important that you have realistic expectations from the outset, to avoid giving up.

How long will it take?

It depends on you, your method or teacher, and how much time you practice. However, it's safe to say that piano should be something you enjoy working at, so if you're not having fun while you're practicing and getting better, you might want to consider switching teachers or methods. There are some really incredible self-learning methods available now that will have you playing songs you love within a few weeks, and many of these methods offer free trials so that you can evaluate them before you commit to a purchase.

You are responsible for your learning

We often think that our teachers or instruction method is to blame for our progress, or lack thereof. While it's true that you will struggle without progress under a bad teacher or method, the far more likely cause of a lack of progress is a lack of discipline in practice. Especially as you first start and get used to playing, it's important that you practice every day.

Performance piano

After a few months of working at it, you should be playing pieces that are recognizable and you may want to consider participating in a recital with your local music group. If you're not comfortable with that yet, have a recital for your cat, or videotape yourself and post on YouTube. The point is to get comfortable playing for other people, which will encourage you and help you get better.

Sight-reading music

After a couple years of learning, you'll be able to pick up pieces of moderate complexity and play them from the sheet music. This is a major milestone in your evolution as a musician, but it won't be possible without a lot of hard work. But it won't happen on its own, so get started today.

Writing your own music

After several years of playing, you may be able to start writing your own music, assuming this is something you want to do. You'll know enough music theory, and your ear will be developed enough to know what sounds good and what doesn't. If you've always had a dream of writing your own music and you can't play anything today, don't wait: find a learning method that you like and get started today!

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