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Thank You Zygor Guides

Thank You Zygor Guides

Postby WoWExterminator » Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:14 am

Hey everyone, with the recent fixes to the SiS system and some sceptics i saw in the forums i wanted to post my detailed experience with zygor.

I started using zygors guides late into WotLK. I was the person that was terrible at leveling cause i would out level an area, and not be sure where to go to get more quests, if they were even my level and would get super frustrated. Thus i only had 1 max level character since the release of WoW.

I have tried many guides, basically almost all of them on the market except zygors, somehow it just slipped through fates hands and never fell in my lap. Untill a friend told me he found and it and was doing the Free Trial and loved it.

I downloaded the free trial and gave it a go on a freshly rolled alt. IT WORKED FLAWLESSLY. I was impressed enough i decided to go ahead and buy for just the horde since i dont play many alliance toons. I loaded it up on a toon that was ~33 or so and in the middle of a couple quest chains. Watched the video about SiS and how to use it, and put it to use on my in progress toon. Boom! quests objectives and travel steps going flying by. It occasionally stopped for a flightpath in which i would confirm i had it, and back to zipping away.... then stop! The first quest zygor wanted me to complete.

I will admit the first few quests when your using the SiS can be a bit shaky. But within a good half hour of following the guide, i was completely back on track and made up for any steps i had skipped or missed. At first it felt like like a ton of running to catch up to the guide, but once i was on track it was super fast.

Then came the WotlK dailies guides. I thought to myself, why should i buy this guide, i do ok on money. But went ahead and bought it to give it a try. There was nothing better than completing all my dailies within 1-1.5 hours a day. Gaining all the rep, Boe's, and having a near idiot proof guide, tell me where i need to go and what i need to do, what items to use, etc.

Skip ahead to Cata. I purchased zygors guide the day Cata came out and logged in and it was NEAR perfect. Blizzard changed a couple things, and there was really nothing that could be done, you just skip a step or two and keep chugging along in the guide. Following zygors guide i hit 80-85 in ~24 hours played. Maybe not the best times out there, but for sure not the worse. Not to mention i got my cata lore achievement for following the guide to the T, instead of using SiS.

When some guildies asked how i already completed it all, i pointed them to zygors. Another laughed and said you use a guide, i had mine a couple days before you. I kindly replied, "Im a player with a limited amount of time to play, i dont want to have to go to wowhead or another site in order to complete a quest and figure out where to go. I dont want to do a couple quests and have to figure out where to go next."

In summary zygor guides provides some the most detailed, and helpful guides on the market. Not to mention that their customer support and new content updates is unmatched. I have never seen a guide company to this day, output as much content, new guides, fixes, and support. I mean zygor provides, leveling both alliance and horde, dailies, rep grinding, farming paths for the nether drake eggs, and more.

If your even considering buying this guide, or any updates, such as the dailies. DO IT. Its worth every penny. Thank you zygor for the amazing product that has made my time in game more effective which to me = more fun!

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