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Top Methods to Level Your Sorcerer

Top Methods to Level Your Sorcerer

Postby dammiisoldi » Sat Feb 26, 2011 8:50 am

Making use of an Aion Sorcerer leveling guide was very important for me since this class is a caster and they are a bit different in Aion. One thing I've noticed is that there aren't any global cool downs, you have to watch when an animation finishes to be able to use another spell. Sounds complicated, I know, that is why I thought of writing down a few things I've learned from my Aion Sorcerer leveling guide.

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide - Stats To Focus On

Since the Sorcerer is the main caster damage dealing class, you need to focus on the appropriate stats. These are the stats you need to amass, Magic Boost, Magic/Magical Accuracy, Casting Time Bonus, Attack Speed and lastly HP. Now, the first one is very important as it increases damage by percentage, so 10 Magic Boost means 0.8% magic damage, 500 Magic Boost means 40% more damage. The second one affects resist ratings. This is important when leveling because you wont kill lower level mobs so you need all your spells to land. Casting Time Bonus does exactly what it says, increases casting speed. Now, Attack Speed is important because it will make the animations of your spells finish quicker, so you can immediately start using another spell. It wont make you cast faster like the Casting Time Bonus.

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide - Weapon To Use

Now this is a delicate manner, you can chose between Tomes and Orbs. In the Aion Sorcerer guide I use, I saw that I'll be fighting mostly higher level mobs, for this you'll need the Tome because it gives more Magic Accuracy. If you plan on killing lower or equal level mobs then go for the Orb, which gives magic damage.

Aion Sorcerer Leveling Guide - Spell Rotation

I use this spell rotation at level 24 and I've seen many people still using it at level 35 and above, so it must be good since it was in the Aion Sorcerer leveling guide I use too.

Start with Lumiel's Wisdom if you have it, 50% less mana cost.

1. Delayed Blast, wont aggro if the mob doesn't resist the effect.

2. Ice Chain, to snare the target so you can kite.

3. Frozen Shock, chains off the Ice Chain spell freezing the target in place.

4. Flame Cage, a normal damage over time spell.

5. Flame Bolt

6. Blaze, chains off of Flame Bolt and does more damage than using Flame Harpoon instead of Flame Bolt.

7. Erosion, a second damage over time spell.

8. Flame Harpoon.

At this point your target should be dead, if it's not just use Flame Cage, Flame Bolt again.

Are you discovering the fascinating game of Aion? Be sure to check out my recommended guides below:

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