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World Of Warcraft Shamans - How To Make Good Use Of Them

World Of Warcraft Shamans - How To Make Good Use Of Them

Postby dammiisoldi » Sat Feb 26, 2011 7:03 am

If used in a proper and tactical manner, World of Warcraft shamans can be very useful characters. They are not as powerful as the fiery spell casters or the fighters and are generally regarded as more of a middle-tier class in terms of potency and usefulness, but it can still be worthwhile to give this class a try. Their skills may often come in handy in difficult situations.

However, one should remember that one needs to have a group that is in need of the shamans. They can prove effective in a group setting. At the same time, you should look to gel your other skills with the skills of the shamans to make them more effective. As for the race of the characters who can be shamans, only Dranei are allowed to be shamans when it comes to Alliance whereas on the Horde side, Trolls, Orcs, Tauren or the Undead can be shamans. The race has its weaker points, but it may prove beneficial in the long run.

While using World of Warcraft shamans, the player needs to know how to effectively use his mana points. You are going to lose mana whenever you cast a spell. So you have to know the moments you really do need to expend them. While they enrich your spell repertoire, the shamans are not going to be of much use in case of melee fighting. It is thus important to build your range weapons, too.

The potions and healing spells are the forte of the shamans, it is thus vital that you master these skills if you want to prove valuable to your group.

You must also pick your shaman profession with care. It is of vital importance to find the right mix of primary and secondary professions. Enchanting and herbalism are the most popular and perhaps the most useful of shaman professions. There is not much point in going for blacksmithing or leatherworking.

Alchemy, however, can be a valuable profession. So you can try mixing alchemy with herbalism or enchanting with alchemy. Skinning and mining can also be useful, but not much. Through mining, you can make use of the objects mined, but you will have to lose valuable time in the process.

Totems are, however, the most important element when it comes to World of Warcraft shamans. They are the only class who are allowed to use totems. There are four kinds of totems - Earth Totem, Water Totem, Fire Totem and Air Totem. All of them can be very useful in different situations. However, keep in mind that if you ever drop a totem, you can never pick it up, so be careful with them. Mastering the potion-preparing skills is also an integral part of your profession as a shaman. Having the right skills will help you win money and acclaim.

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